One of the most common questions to a Realtor is “when is it a good time to list my property?”.

The answer can be very different from market to market, and property to property.  Considering the Eastern Shore Virginia, the answer may be very different if you’re talking about Chincoteague Island or Trails End, which tend to have a lot of second home purchases and seasonal owners, versus some of the other towns further south, such as Parksley and Onancock.

Some properties it’s OK to list any time during the year… Especially if they are homes that you or your Realtor feels a year-round occupant (or a local) may be interested in. However if your home is going to be a vacation home, or second home for your buyer… you may not want to list your home during months when there’s less buyer activity.

In my professional opinion, if your property is located in an area that the number of buyers is affected by the weather and warm temperatures, such as Chincoteague Island or Trails End, then the spring is the best time to list your property.

But spring in this case, does not mean when the calendar says spring starts. In my opinion it can be whenever temperatures tend to start getting warmer and warmer each week. This is often around Easter time, but can be as early as Valentine’s Day or as late as Memorial Day.

Considering this year, 2016, it appears like Easter weekend may be a good time to have your property on the market. But you do not want to wait until the Friday before Easter to list your property. Buyers are looking on the internet now, and planning their trip now to look at the houses and properties they are interested in seeing in a few weeks.

So with that being said, if you’re considering listing your property on Chincoteague Island, the community of Trails End, or anywhere else in Accomack or Northampton County… Give me a call so we can discuss what options and what timing will work best for you.

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