As we start 2017, it is clear that the Virginia’s Eastern Shore is seeing an improving real estate market.  The number of sales are up and the amount of homes on the market is down.  This is great as we start a new year on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

In 2016, I personally brought clients to closing on 91 occasions.  That is an average of 1.8 closings a week.  Dockside Properties continues to be the number 1 sales office on Chincoteague Island and the Communites of Trails End and Corbin Hall.  And we remain in the top 5 in sales for all of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Moving up from #5 in 2015 to #4 for 2016.  But it is important to keep in mind…most of those that rank in the top 3, did so by combining sales from multiples offices scattered throughout the region.  So our office ranking number 4 for the entire region with only one sales office is very impressive.  We have agents that are experts in different areas of the Eastern Shore.  Regardless if it is the towns of Wachapreague, Onancock, or Chincoteague or specifically the communities of Corbin Hall, Trails End, or Captain’s Cove…we have local experts to suit your needs.

Pretty much any active agent is showing improving sale numbers.  The key is consistency and closing rate.  Dockside Properties and I did not abandon sellers when the market was bad.  And now that the market is improving, we have an edge on all the other companies.  I notice that some of our competition is reporting that they sold a house here or there…maybe bragging that the home sold in a short time.  But any active agent can probably say that in recent months.  The difference is that Dockside Properties has been doing it consistently month after month, year after year.  Regardless if the market is good or bad.  We know what it takes to sell your property quickly and efficiently.

So I ask you to do this.  Don’t assume just because you see a random post online, showing a recent sale by an agent or office that they are they best choice for your property.  Or just because an office may be located closer to your property that their office can represent you better.  You owe to yourself to at least call me at Dockside Properties so I can specifically tell you why Dockside Properties and I can do better than any other company you are considering.

Dockside Properties had $17.6 million in sales in 2016.  That is more than any other Chincoteague Island based sales office.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller…give me a call so I can make your goals part of the successful goals for 2017!!

Thank you for your past, present, and future business.