In May 2017, the Chincoteague Island based real estate office expanded its services to the State of Maryland.  Dockside Properties did this expansion based on requests from current and past clients.

When you are a real estate firm that does business up to a state line…it can often be an issue when a seller or buyer asks you about a property just across the state line.  And sometimes these customers don’t understand why you can show one house in Virginia, but maybe not that one a mile up the street.

Well, now Dockside has bridged that gap.  Rather than telling the customer we can’t handle Maryland or passing the customer to a Maryland agent where the customer needs to start over…now we can offer a streamlined process of buyers who may be considering both states and sellers who may own homes on both sides of the line.

So now Dockside Properties and I are fully licensed in Virginia and Maryland.  Something very few local real estate offices can say.  We bring our knowledge and success to the towns of Pocomoke City, Stockton, Girdletree, Snow Hill, and northward.  And we will still take care of our local communities of Chincoteague Island, Trails End, Captain’s Cove, Atlantic, New Church, Wallops Island, and southward.

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