I recently spoke to a member of an organization who had their commercial property for sale with another firm.  This other firm advertises that they specialize in commercial property sales…but was located a long distance away from the subject property.

In the conversation, I asked why they picked a real estate firm so far away, rather than someone closer…my company for example.  🙂  The response I got was that they did not know that “local” companies could handle commercial property.  So I discuss all the services Dockside Properties could provide to them.  And now, I thought I would pass that on to the general public.

In a city setting, I could definitely see an owner of a large strip mall or something similar using a company that strictly does commercial real estate.  But in an area like Chincoteague Island, for example, there is more benefits to using the local company to sell your commercial property instead of a commercial firm an hour away.  The local company, like Dockside Properties, knows the area better and will not only advertised your commercial property more often, but will have better access to the property since the real estate office may only be a minute or two away.

Dockside Properties is involved in several commercial sales each year.  A commercial sale could be farm land or a store front…or anything in between.  Granted, overall there are not a lot of commercial properties available due to the type of area we live in.  But for those that are available…Dockside Properties has been a leader in getting those properties sold.

So the next time you have a commercial or mixed use property and your considering selling it, or if you are listed with a commercial firm from another area…or even another state…keep Dockside Properties in mind to handle all your real estate needs.  Residential or Commercial.

Thank you for reading,
Licensed in VA and MD